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Monika – You and the many volunteers should be very proud of the garden.  It is lovely and enjoyed by many. 
Judith 7/09

view of the entry to the garden

My dog and I sit in the garden every day at the end of our walk and appreciate the view of Mt. Diablo. It's so peaceful here, very calming.
Kathy 10/11

The start up of the natural garden in the Northeast corner is a real a treasure among treasures...  The garden is not very big, but it promises beauty, serenity, and insight into the place where we live that is immense. I propose the "park" in Pleasant Oaks Park be priority over the "parking". 
Thomas 2/10

Garden view spring 2010 I love the garden because it is small enough to envision a backyard makeover by using some of the plants in the different settings!
Dolores 4/10



Here's what some of our visitors have said
about the garden

It is extraordinary how much has been accomplished with this garden in such a short period of time.
Charlotte 5/08

volunteers creating a pathway
It's great! I come here every day and sit in the garden. I was a Life Scout and enjoyed also talking to the Eagle Scout working on his project.
Dale, 10/11

I am particularly impressed with the level of support and contributions from the many local corporations.
Anne 9/08

Buttercups An amazing display of California natives. This garden has been an inspiration to me as I redesign my own yard.
Judy 10/08
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motto living landscape