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Water-wise Gardening in Contra Costa County
CD cover Water-wise Gardenting in CCC
This terrific site is one of the best bargains in town for any Contra Costa Water District customer. Check out the CCWD site to view a photo gallery of gardens, excellent portraits and cultivation requirements for many plants, design tips, composting information and a host of other practical information.

Book cover Native Treasures

Native Treasures: Gardening with the Plants of California
by M. Nevin Smith

An informative, illustrated book that gives suggestions for garden designs using many of the over 6000 California Native Plants

Growing California Native Plants
by Marjorie Schmidt 
Book cover Growing California Native Plants This practical and convenient guide provides excellent suggestions on how to make use of 350 native species, primarily from Northern California, in home landscapes.


Designing California Native Gardens - The Plant Community Approach to Artful, Ecological Gardens by Glenn Keator and Alrie Middlebrook

Inspirational, practical, and easy to use…structured around major California plant communities – bluffs, redwoods, the Channel Islands, coastal scrub, grasslands, deserts, oak woodlands, mixed evergreen woodlands, riparian, chaparral, mountain meadows, and wetlands–the book's twelve chapters each include sample plans for a native garden design, plant lists, tips on successful gardening with individual species, and more.

Book Cover Designing California Native Gardens

Book Cover Flowering Plants and Ferns of Mt Diablo
Flowering Plants and Ferns of Mount Diablo, California
by Barbara Ertter and
Mary L. Bowerman 

A fully revised edition giving a thorough account of species growing in the wild on Mt. Diablo, along with a new soil classification, and observations on the natural history over the past half-century.






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