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Nicole Santos, currently a senior at Carondelet High School, recently completed her Gold Award Girl Scout Project at PHIG, which is a certified National Wildlife Federation wildlife habitat. Her project included constructing a new barn owl house, based on a design recommended by the Mt. Diablo Audobon Society and used in the greater Bay Area. Simmons Barn Owl House instructions


Barn Owl HouseHer project addressed the issue of bird and habitat loss and focused on contributing more natural habitats to many species of declining wildlife and plants. Each year, millions of natural habitats are destroyed due to factors such as urbanization, agricultural practices, pollution, or grazing, as well as human ignorance. The new barn owl house is expected to house nesting barn owl mothers and their young during future mating seasons. Take the owl trivia quiz and see what you know!

She also mounted a preexisting bat house onto a pole for better safety, built a bulletin board with information about local endangered or threatened bird species, and distributed flyer packets around the neighborhood that encourage local residents to avoid toxins that are dangerous to wildlife, making PHIG more of a bird sanctuary in the process. Threatened birds in our area are spotlighted in this flyer.



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