Garden Progress: 2010

As part of the requirements for the National Wildlife Bird house in a treeFederationís Wildlife Habitat certification PHIG volunteers provided food, water, shelter and nesting areas for birds, bats, lizards, and insects in as many ways as possible.† Bird shelters and houses, a bat house and other shelters were designed, built and installed in the garden.†

The boundaries of the garden were re-configured after a Students moving a rock with a leversite survey. †Many work party days including Earth Day, Chevronís Week of Caring, and Pleasant Hillís Community Service day were dedicated to expand the dry streambed and create a bog area to manage the water runoff from a planned neighboring parking lot and provide necessary water for habitat.†

DVCís International Club and Acalanes High SchoolStudents with heavy boulders that were moved volunteers used torque and levers to move boulders weighing at least 75 to 100 pounds into position at the head of the dry streambed.†


Group ready to move the KioskThe kiosk and arbor were also relocated.† These major efforts were undertaken
in several parts and were led by contractor Chris Grimmer with the human power provided by multiple volunteers.†
Moving boulders with leversVolunteers dismatle the arbor in preparation for moving

Once the arbor was dismantled, it took 10 strong people to move the remaining arbor skeleton to the new setting!†

Solar panelBob Swanson designed, constructed and installed a solar panel system to power the pump for the re-circulating spring.† As irrigation for the birdbath was completed, volunteersbird bath  enjoyed decorating the stand with donated ceramic tiles.†

And throughout the year, normal garden work continued with pruning, composting, mulching, chipping, and weeding.



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